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How To Fast Track Your Progress From 'Beginner' To 'Rx' Level CrossFit Athlete

Regardless of athletic experience, or familiarity with movements, CrossFitters all follow a similar pattern of development. If we can understand this continuum, perhaps we can increase the speed at which we move along it. And for a bunch of people as progress hungry as we CrossFitters are, this has got to be a good thing!

The Importance Of Measurement In Results Driven Performance

All programs we prescribe are objectively scrutinised by the scientific method. We test baseline proficiency across components of fitness. We hypothesise that you will get better at the tested variables and construct a program with the aim of making this so. We measure and score each bout of exercise—either by overall work capacity or through the individual components of number, time, distance and force. We replicate past sessions, collect the data, plot it over time relative to previous measures and thus gauge the success of the program. We modify, then repeat the process. The result is a direct measure, in percentage terms—a constantly updated measure of improvement in exercise capacity. In CrossFit, we have a unique situation where, to a degree, the pre-test, post-test and stimulus are often one and the same.

Training 'For' Or 'Above' Your Abilities?

I've spent a lot of time considering the most productive and beneficial ways to scale workouts for individual athletes. At first glance, scaling for an individual would seem the logical approach. But are there situations where scaling could jeopardise the rate of improvement of an individual?

When Should You Game Your Workouts And When Should You Go All Out?

Fatigue is a bad thing. Or it is when you're trying to maximise performance. Fatigue is the recoverable reduction in the maximum force generating capacity regardless of the type of work being done. Basically, getting tired so you can't keep going. So how can we use this knowledge to increase our performance in a workout?

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