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How To Fast Track Your Progress From 'Beginner' To 'Rx' Level CrossFit Athlete

Regardless of athletic experience, or familiarity with movements, CrossFitters all follow a similar pattern of development. If we can understand this continuum, perhaps we can increase the speed at which we move along it. And for a bunch of people as progress hungry as we CrossFitters are, this has got to be a good thing!

Fuelling Your Body On Competition Day

We work hard for months leading up to competition to ensure that when we stand in front of that first barbell, we know there is not a thing we could have done differently to make ourselves better prepared. But these months of intensity, of working on weaknesses and fortifying strengths, can all count for nought if your body doesn't have the fuel to allow your physical capacity to manifest itself.

Post Training Nutrition

Correct post training nutrition will not only maximise recovery, but as a consequence will allow an increase in training volume and will increase the success of subsequent sessions.

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