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Minimising Disruption To Training When Injured

We like our programming to be bulletproof – unstoppable. We like to have a plan. When determining programming from a Fitness Profile, we work backwards. We determine where we want an athlete to be at some point in the future then determine what needs to be done to get them to this point. Once the path is laid out, we can forget about the end goal, and focus on the process – the program.

How To Fast Track Your Progress From 'Beginner' To 'Rx' Level CrossFit Athlete

Regardless of athletic experience, or familiarity with movements, CrossFitters all follow a similar pattern of development. If we can understand this continuum, perhaps we can increase the speed at which we move along it. And for a bunch of people as progress hungry as we CrossFitters are, this has got to be a good thing!

Using Your Individualised Program To Increase Training Volume While Minimising Overtraining

The order of our session prescription is deliberate and vitally important. With athletes constantly searching for ways to improve performance, a common pattern is the compression of more training into the same amount of time. An increase in stimulus however is not linearly related to an increase in performance. Increase in stimulus results in an increased requirement for recovery. With more stimulus (training), and less recovery (resting), a point is reached where the application of more training becomes counter-productive.

When Should I Scale Movements?

As CrossFitters, we pride ourselves on the universal scaleability of our game. For the most part - this is an infinitely useful thing. It opens up the movements and programming to the masses. You can line up vastly different ‘athletes’ side by side, and the neutral observer could recognise that they are, in effect, doing the 'same thing'.

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