What Is My Fitness File And What Does It Do?

My Fitness File is a powerful tool for building better CrossFitters. It is your complete fitness profiling, testing, programming and recording software.

My Fitness File examines, tests and measures an athlete's fitness, develops a custom profile, prescribes a completely unique exercise program based on the individual's needs, and examines performance improvement and training habit data.

Built for CrossFitters, used by all levels of athlete.

Step 1: Profile Your Fitness

Enter data from all your workout scores, lifts and movements and My Fitness File constructs a detailed fitness profile – completely unique to you.

My Fitness File data entry preview

Rate performance for Olympic and Power lifting strength and stamina, bodyweight strength and stamina, sprint ability, agility, running, rowing, time domain profiles and skills.

Step 2: Fitness Profiling

Examine a detailed analysis of your fitness. Explore your profile, how balanced your fitness is, your strengths, weaknesses, skill deficiencies and much more.

My Fitness File fitness balance pie chart

Examine your balance in each of the primary areas, Olympic lifting, power lifting, bodyweight movements and work capacity.

View your ‘Fitness Balance’, the standard deviation of your abilities, revealing how well rounded you are as an athlete.

Based on your self assigned scores, My Fitness File calculates your Fitness Profile.

Compare your ability in three metabolic pathways, phosphocreatine, glycolytic & oxidative.

My Fitness File fitness profile description

My Fitness File movement averages chart

Identify broad and narrow areas of weakness which need to be eradicated.

Examine your bias towards strength or stamina.

Reveal any movement preferences or imbalances.

Step 3: Pre-Cycle Testing

Based on your unique profile, use My Fitness File's testing function to test your areas of weakness and deficiency in exercises, time domains and skills.

My Fitness File pre-cycle testing preview


My Fitness File determines the variables that need testing based on your profiling.

Sets benchmark results for future performance improvement data.

Step 4: Training

My Fitness File is your complete training program, 100% unique and individualised to you. Biased towards areas of weakness and deficiency in exercises, time domains and skills.

My Fitness File training sessions preview

Session types vary in frequency based on your individual profile and requirements.

All inclusive programming, including Olympic lifting (snatch, CJ and drills), power lifting, bodyweight strength and stamina, continuous cardiovascular, interval training, skill development, complex gymnastics, sprint, agility, plyometric and swimming sessions.

Inbuilt training log catalogues all training results and variables to gauge performance improvement.

My Fitness File gives you Injury Alternatives to retain the stimulus of training through injury without aggravation.

My Fitness File fitness injury alternatives

My Fitness File movement alternatives

Movement Alternatives keep training fresh, teach adaptability, and prepare athletes for the unknown. They retain the basic stimulus the prescribed exercise has been programmed for.

Step 5: Post-Cycle Testing

Repeat your pre-cycle testing to record how much you've improved and generate your Performance Report.

My Fitness File pre-cycle testing preview


End of cycle testing is automatically prompted and integrated into your training program.

My Fitness File determines the variables that need testing based on your profiling.

Provides measures to construct performance improvement data.

Step 6: Performance Report

Examine details of your performance increases and training habits. Explore an objective analysis of your improvements from pre to post program testing.

My Fitness File performance improvement stats


Explore the results of your training with total average percentage improvements and individual improvements across the training cycle.

My Fitness File individual testing results

Examine the improvements in performance for individual variables tested.

Explore the effect of the programming bias on the completion of different session types.

View training volume statistics, including total sessions completed, average sessions per week, number of rest days and average % improvement per session.

My Fitness File training volume statistics

Step 7: Re-profile and Repeat

Cycle through the process. My Fitness File program evolves to meet your needs as you develop as an athlete.

My Fitness File process flow chart

Cycle through the process. My Fitness File programming evolves to meet your needs as you develop as an athlete.

Powerful data, Proven Results

Detailed scientific analysis combined with your drive to be a better athlete. Powerful stuff.

Unlimited Sessions

Your individual training program is broken down into 18 session cycles. You can complete as many 18 session cycles as you want, meaning you have access to an unlimited number of workouts.

Powered By Science

A lot of science has gone into the construction of My Fitness File programming. We have identified 15 different types of movements, categorised by the mechanics of the movement, including the plane and direction of the application of force. Read more about how the training programs and sessions are put together.

Proven Results

We tested My Fitness File's programming on a sample of 30 CrossFit athletes of varying abilities. There were some stunning results - a 28.9% average improvement in Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Bodyweight Stamina, Bodyweight Strength and Work Capacity in ten weeks.