Individualised weakness eradication programming proven to develop better CrossFit athletes.

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  • Profile Your Fitness

    Examine a detailed analysis of your fitness. Explore your profile, how balanced your fitness is, your strengths, weaknesses, skill deficiencies and much more.

  • Measure Your Improvements

    Explore an objective analysis of your improvements from pre to post program testing. Experience the power of following My Fitness File programming.

  • Individualised Programming

    Tailored for the required outcomes of all levels of athlete, from recreational exercisers to top level competitors.

  • Coaches & Affiliates

    Use My Fitness File’s analysis and periodised programming tools to provide a clear training direction to all your members.

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Why Use My Fitness File?

Proven Programming

We know entrusting your programming to someone else is a big thing. We've been developing My Fitness File non-stop for the last 4 years. Huge amounts of research and testing with over 100 athletes of all abilities have gone into creating what we believe is the perfect individualised programming tool.

Unparalleled Support

Worried about not having someone to coach you through your programming? Don't be - we're always around to help! We've got support baked directly into the app that puts you directly in touch with the architects of My Fitness File, and we're always around to answer your questions.

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Happy customers...

My Fitness File has completely changed the way I train: smarter, not harder! It targets my weaknesses while supporting my strengths, and allows me to easily keep track of my workouts and improvements. I'm so happy to have finally found a flexible training program that delivers tangible, measurable results. This stuff WORKS! Dan and Tom provide their MFF customers with unparalleled support and training advice - all my questions have been answered the same day, often within minutes.

Carly Menzies
Australian Regionals 2014 Athlete & CrossFit coach

I have been following My Fitness File since May 2014. I have never worked so hard in my life! My weaknesses that I have always been scared of and avoided are now becoming my strengths and I actually enjoy working on them. I love the way you can choose movement alternatives to practice movements that other programs wouldn’t necessarily choose, E.G Atlas stone work, double KB snatches - you never get bored of doing the same thing...My Fitness File Works!!

Leah Holmes
Affiliate Owner

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